Monday, February 14, 2011

Depotting Revlon and Maybelline eye shadows

I finally got around to depotting some of my individual drugstore eyeshadows into this super cute pink barbie tin I found on clearance @ target!
I first tried a method using rubbing alcohol to dissolve the glue holding the eyeshadow pans to the case.
 Peel away the barcode sticker on the back of the eyeshadow
 & there's a tiny hole on the upper left side of the case.
 I then easily broke the cover off the eyeshadow case
 & used a baby booger sucker thingy (cleaned it first of course!) and dropped some rubbing alcohol into the little hole on the back
Let it sit for around 5 minutes to let the alcohol dissolve the glue
 Wedge a razor in between the eyeshadow pan and the packaging
 Tada! freed eyeshadow pan!
 2nd method I tried was using a straightening iron to melt the glue ( strip of wax paper to protect the straightening iron!)
 Place the eyeshadow on the hot curling iron for approximately 1-2 mins (not too long or the packaging itself will melt through)
 It was a lot easier using the straightening iron method vs rubbing alcohol, so I used it for the rest of the shadows.
 Here are all the revlon shadows I depotted
 & this is what happens when I forget about them and leave them on too long O.O
 Maybelline Shadows depotted
 Luckily, I found this barbie & Ken tin box frame to make my DIY eyeshadow palette!
 Of course it was on clearance :)
 LOL I don't know what to do with the cards that came with it though haha

 Bought magnetic tape from Michael's for $1
 Tape it to the back of the shadows
 & magnet sticks to the tin frame! yay my first depotting adventure! Its actually really addicting.

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