Wednesday, February 2, 2011

HAUL: Claires Makeup

Like many people, I was quick to stereotype Claire's as a utopia for young teenage girls looking to find cute little accessories to flaunt around. However, what I was unaware of was a hidden treasure trove of eyeshadow palettes among a midst of horrible, childish, and unwearable colored palettes littering the shelves. The key to finding these gems is to avoid the card board magnetized packaged make up palettes marketed towards teeny boppers. Although the appearance may be tempting and adorable... STEER CLEAR AT ALL COSTS! Unless.. you're trying to find a suitable birthday present for teens new to makeup, they might just be perfect!

Moving on to my amazing find today, any one who knows me will tell you that I am the most frugal shopper and will wait however long it takes for products to go on sale unless it's something I really... REALLY want. Usually I even pass on things I really want just because I couldn't possibly justify spending $$$$ on something I probably don't really need lol. So at Claire's, I made my way to the back of the store where there are sale racks filled with various items. This pink rectangular compact with black lacy floral print caught my eye.

How adorable is the packaging!? It is far from the GLEE inspired Rachel Berry pack they had...
AND the best thing about it, is that it was on sale for only $2.75 whaaaa CRAZY!
Once opened, I found these gorgeous quads with mirrors on the inside cover.
This is more for a dramatic night out smokey eye look quad
This one is more of a wearable day time look quad!
SWATCHES: dramatic night out smokey eye look quad
Top w/o primer
Bottom w/ urban decay primer potion

SWATCHES: wearable day time look quad
Top w/o primer
Bottom w/ urban decay primer potion

I must admit, w/o primer these shadows lack in pigment points, however, WITH primer they're amazing! The colors just pop out and are very suitable for many looks.

So how well did these quads fare?!

Packaging: A- (I love the colors, but they're a little difficult to open if you have nails)

Price: A+++ (these were a great find in the clearance section!)

Quality: B+ (Primer needed)

Overall: A -

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