Friday, February 25, 2011


It's been awhile now since Justin Timberlake teamed up with Target to release a collection of his fashion line, William Rast, at an affordable price where REAL people can purchase it! I know there are times WR is featured on Hautelook, but the prices were still high for the likes of frugal pockets! Therefore, I was delighted to see William Rast available at my local target! I won't really get into the female line, but Will (after various snicker doodle cookie bribes) willingly offered to model the WR items he purchased! Mind you, we waited like predators in the African Safari for the clearance prices to finally reach 75%! Remember Frugal Pockets!! Alas, our patient waiting was kindly rewarded last week to a very happy Will, might I add.

 @ 75% off they were all around $8!

Although I do mostly talk about things we get on clearance, some things we just have to have!

Will playing around in his William Rast Jacket in Austin :) 

This baby we didn't get on clearance :( However, if we had waited, it would have been gone. Thereby justifying the lack of $50 in, as mentioned before, frugal pockets.

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